TERAFLOAT Europa GmbH is a company with Swiss roots located in Germany which is distributing equine dental equipment and instruments.

For over 20 years, our passion for high-quality equipment for equine dental treatment has been unbroken. We share this passion with our customers and users: our equipment we makes the work of professional veterinarians easier – and help them achieve the desired result faster.

The Terafloat was developed by Swiss veterinarian Dr Ruedi Steiger, FVH Horses, DACVIM. He moved to the USA to specialize in equine medicine and found his true passion in equine dentistry.

The combination of modern technology, intelligent design and Swiss quality makes the Terafloat the perfect instrument for modern equine dentistry.

The Terafloat enjoys unparalleled success among equine veterinarians and is appreciated by horse owners and trainers worldwide.